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The Minneapolis Regional Chamber through WeBelongMSP is partnering with Alight to support and welcome refugee families to our region. Together we are working to engage individuals, communities, and businesses to meet the need for 100 sponsors to help refugee families begin a new life in Minnesota.


Alight, formerly the American Refugee Committee, is an international nonprofit headquartered in Minneapolis. The organization has provided humanitarian assistance and training to millions of beneficiaries over the last 40 years. Alight is leading an effort to find sponsors for the over 100,000 Ukrainians currently on a pathway to the US.                                                                                                                                                    

“Our state and region have a history and tradition of welcoming people from around the world.”, said Jonathan Weinhagen, President & CEO of the Minneapolis Regional Chamber. “And right now, we have the opportunity to support those coming from Ukraine and Afghanistan and the business community has a role to play in this effort.”       













If you would like to learn more about this WeBelongMSP partnership or how your organization can become a partner, please email us at


To learn more about sponsoring an immigrant or refugee family, visit or email          

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